Testimonials from patients

Testimonials from patients in First study of safety and tolerability of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy in patients with alcohol use disorder: preliminary data (UK 2019) and other participants.

Patient’s perspective

Participant 1: It’s not about the drinking, the MDMA healed me inside and the drinking looks after itself … I’m seeing things anew, nature for the first time … I’m in control of my decisions, I’ve got control back … Life is just good!

Participant 2: Better than other treatments, including inpatient detox … I enjoyed every moment of it. Thrilled to be part of the study … I feel energised … The treatment has worked for me, done me a lot of good. I’ve got a lot of confidence out of it. I’m calmer … It’s given me what I wanted; to be cured, to not have the cravings, to look at life differently. I’m not so angry at everything … Being under MDMA was beautiful. It showed me the real me; the me without alcohol.

Participant 3: A weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I haven’t felt like that for a long time. There are no nagging doubts. I’m getting my life back on track … Everything is so much clearer. It’s like a smog has been removed. I can see myself moving forward … It makes me think: why was I drinking that rubbish? I was just being stupid, idiotic, killing myself. There’s no reason to be doing that … Taking part in this study has helped me focus more on life and my goals … An uplifting experience that I would recommend to anyone.

Participant 4: I am so inspired by the potential use of these substances and very excited to help. I have made a promise to myself to help change the standard view after obtaining a deep understanding recently of psychedelics. I find it morally wrong that we don’t have easy access to such useful and life affirming tools in our society and want to help effect change. My husband and I have had incredible healing experiences with it, as has our 20 year old son, but are frustrated that we have to travel overseas to legally make use of such helpful medicines. Whatever I can do to help on a practical level with time and energy then count me in!

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