Testimonials from patients

Testimonials from patients in First study of safety and tolerability of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy in patients with alcohol use disorder: preliminary data (UK 2019).

Patient’s perspective

Participant 1: It’s not about the drinking, the MDMA healed me inside and the drinking looks after itself … I’m seeing things anew, nature for the first time … I’m in control of my decisions, I’ve got control back … Life is just good!

Participant 2: Better than other treatments, including inpatient detox … I enjoyed every moment of it. Thrilled to be part of the study … I feel energised … The treatment has worked for me, done me a lot of good. I’ve got a lot of confidence out of it. I’m calmer … It’s given me what I wanted; to be cured, to not have the cravings, to look at life differently. I’m not so angry at everything … Being under MDMA was beautiful. It showed me the real me; the me without alcohol.

Participant 3: A weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I haven’t felt like that for a long time. There are no nagging doubts. I’m getting my life back on track … Everything is so much clearer. It’s like a smog has been removed. I can see myself moving forward … It makes me think: why was I drinking that rubbish? I was just being stupid, idiotic, killing myself. There’s no reason to be doing that … Taking part in this study has helped me focus more on life and my goals … An uplifting experience that I would recommend to anyone.

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