Our Practitioner Team

Dr Alana Roy

Ph. D Psychology, B. A Social Work (MHSW)

National Practice Manager Psychological Services

Dr Alana Roy is a psychologist, social worker and therapist and has spent the last 13 years working in mental health, suicide prevention, trauma, sexual abuse and family violence and the disability sector. She is dedicated to psychedelic assisted psychotherapy and plant medicines. She has engaged with, and provides integration therapeutic support services for communities across Australia. Alana works at several universities as a Research Fellow and supervisor of students on placement. Alana passionately advocates for public policy, community education and legislative changes so that these treatments are regulated and supported by a strong, connected and skilled sector.
Alana utilizes a range of therapies such as emotion focused therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), cognitive-behavioural therapy, neuro linguistic programming, acceptance and commitment therapy and mindfulness and meditation approaches.
In Alana’s spare time she is kept busy by her young sons, her love of travelling the world, and connecting with the diverse and creative medicine community.


Individual supervision $160 an hour with Dr Alana Roy (Psych, MHSW, PhD) phone, zoom or in St Kilda Melbourne Clinic. Email to book: alana@mindmedicineaustralia.org

Bulk billing for concession card holders, students and people significantly impacted by COVID-19, $75 GAP fee with a mental health care plan from your GP, NDIS and private health insurance.

Cancellation policy: less than 48 hours $50 fee applies. Fee waved if you rebook within 7 days.

Renee Harvey

Manager of Psychedelic Therapy Training Program

Renee has had a long career as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist in the NHS in the UK (currently registered as a Provisional Psychologist in Australia, transition program being undertaken). More recently she was an Honorary Research Fellow at Imperial College London in the study of psilocybin for treatment resistant depression. She has been responsible for leading in service development for people with complex emotional needs across Sussex (UK), establishing three specialist services, including staff appointments, training and supervision, and in clinical delivery in these services.

She established various training courses and treatment programmes during this time, and regularly delivered lectures and courses at various levels.

Renee specialised in training clinicians in skills for working with individuals with complex needs across the UK as well as internationally, including Europe, and Japan.  Renee was also a key member of developing psychedelic interest groups in Brighton, and in establishing and running a psychedelic Integration Circle in Brighton UK.

Mark Baxter

B.Science (Psych), Grad Dip (Psych)

​Mark has been practicing as a psychologist for 16 years and finds a lot of meaning through work. He enjoys listening to people, and supporting them to transform and find freedom. Mark engages with people in a collaborative, accepting, compassionate and non-judging spirit. This is combined with his ongoing training in cognitive, behavioural, acceptance, somatic and mindfulness based approaches; including ACT, EMDR, MI and IFS. With the wave of new research and knowledge around using psychedelics for mental health, personal and spiritual growth; it’s important that people can be supported to ensure their experiences are safe and valuable. Mark provides a safe space to talk through psychedelic experiences, to integrate important insights, or to think carefully about preparation, suitability and harm minimisation.

As a psychologist, his clinical interest areas are depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress and trauma recovery, psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar, addictions, grief, loss and experiences of existential dilemma, anguish or distress. Alongside helping people with mental health difficulties, he is equally interested in the areas that contribute to human flourishing. This includes cultivating relationships, activities and habits that promote growth, belonging and contentment. And also experiences that facilitate self-transcendent positive emotions, known to have powerful effects on our wellbeing and connectedness.

He is based in Wollongong, can provide telehealth sessions and is a registered provider with Medicare, Private Health funds, NDIS, Open Arms and WorkCover.


Fees: Session fees are $170, with a rebate of $87 if referred by a GP under a Mental Health Care Plan. Each private health insurer sets their own rebates. The session fees for NDIS, Open Arms and WorkCover are fully funded.

Dr Bianca Rojas Cruz

B.Psych (Hons) Ph.D MAAPi

Bianca is a psychologist with experience in both the public and private sectors working with a variety of mental health concerns including complex post-traumatic stress disorder, substance misuse and personality disorders. Bianca has a particular interest in working with complex trauma, dissociative disorders, addictions and Borderline Personality Disorder.

Bianca uses a variety of evidence-based interventions including Dialectical Behavioural-informed Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy and Schema Focused Therapy. Bianca enjoys working together with clients to reduce their vulnerabilities to painful emotions, increase their skills to be able to regulate their own emotions, process and heal from their trauma and improve skills for communicating effectively with others.

Bianca has completed postgraduate studies, undertaking her PhD research with Indigenous communities in Australia and Mexico, where she developed an interest in plant medicine. In her spare time, Bianca enjoys salsa dancing, rock climbing and having cuddles with her cat.


Fees: $185 with a rebate of $86.15. 24 hours notice required for cancellation or full fee applies to cancellations with less that 24 hours notice/no show

Tarryn Ellison

Tarryn is a registered psychologist and a Clinical Psychology Student. She has experience in providing clinical services for a broad range of issues both personal and workplace related. As a clinician, she takes an individualised approach to therapy, drawing upon a range of therapeutic modalities that work to create integration of body, mind and spirit. 

Tarryn is a long term meditator and a plant medicine advocate, holding a deep respect for the healing capacity of these medicines. She is passionate about working towards a psychological paradigm shift that acknowledges the scientist-practitioner model whilst integrating wisdom traditions, plant medicines and spiritual teachers. 

Tarryn believes that the fruit of this work is born from a supportive and collaborative therapeutic relationship that enables each individual to find their own internal source of truth. In working with Tarryn you can expect to sit in an open minded exchange facilitated by Tarryn’s warmth and encouragement. 


Fees: $165 per session with a rebate of $87.45 under a medicare referral.

If cancellation occurs in under 24 hours of the session, a $50 fee is incurred. 

Christina Manfredi

BSW: MHSW; Psychotherapist

Christina’s vocation in the field of mental health and the human potential movement spans 30 years of professional experience both in government, community, and private practice setting.

Christina is a registered Mental Health Social Worker, Clinical, and Transpersonal Psychotherapist. She has also trained in Gestalt & Existential Therapy, the Science of Consciousness, Somatic Experiencing, Sensorimotor Trauma Therapy, and advanced training in Shamanic Therapy.

She has a passion and commitment to the integration of ancient wisdom ways and scientific findings in holistic mind-body-spirit -environment approaches in therapy.

Christina has experience in working with individuals who encounter depression, anxiety, complex post-traumatic stress, relationship distress, grief,  facing mortal death, non-ordinary states of consciousness, transgenerational patterns of distress, spiritual near death experiences, loss of meaning, purpose, direction and belonging, and where historically conditioned repeating patterns of behaviour interrupt the flow of growth and happiness in the present moment. She believes that any personal therapy we undertake not only brings potential healing for ourselves, but also has a positive flow through effect to our communities and the next generations. 

Christina enjoys spending time with her husband and family, time in nature, and her inseparable spiritual life.


GP, Psychiatrist and Self referrals welcomed.

 Fee: 55 min consultation = $200. With a Medicare Mental Health Plan rebate = $75; Gap = $125

Full concession card holders fee = $185 rebate of $75 with a Mental Health Plan. Gap = $110

Some private health funds may apply.

Cancellation policy or no show for appointment less than 24 hours full fee applies.

Christina has a private practice in Fremantle Western Australia, and also offers services to clients throughout Australia and Internationally via Zoom or Skype.

Clinton McCulloch

B.A. Grad.Dip.Psych. B.Psych.Sci.(Hons). M.Clin.Psych. M.Res.(Psych). MAPS.

Clinton is a Clinical Psychologist who works in private practice in Canberra. He has been supporting people in their growth and healing for over 10 years, and has particular experience working with emotional difficulties such as trauma, anxiety, and mind-body health. His current research interests are in mindfulness and Indigenous healing practices, including the use and integration of transpersonal and non-ordinary states of consciousness.

His therapeutic approach to working with people is founded on holism, collaboration, and curiosity, drawing upon a range of modalities including Mindfulness-based therapies, Schema Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Trauma-Informed Therapies. He is also a 3-year Graduate of the Hakomi method, a mindfulness-centred somatic psychotherapy.

His intention for therapy is to create a warm, non-judgmental, and mindful space to support growth and healing. Clinton is also an avid reader of Eastern philosophy and enjoys hiking in nature.


  • Psychological Therapy 50min Session: Fee = $215.00, Rebate $128.40, (Gap $86.60)
  • COVID-19 Psychological Therapy (Telehealth) 50min Session: Fee = $215.00, Rebate $128.40, (Gap $86.60)
  • Psychological Therapy 30-50min Session: Fee = $174.00, Rebate $87.45 (Gap $86.55)
  • Also offer bulk billing for concession card holders, students and people impacted by COVID-19.
  • COVID-19 Psychological Therapy (Telehealth) 30-50min Session: Fee = $174.00, Rebate $87.45 (Gap $86.55)
  • 24 hours notice required for cancellation or full fee applies to cancellations with less that 24 hours notice/no show

Robbie Moore

Cert. Gestalt Therapy., BCHC Bach. Counselling

Robbie has over 15 years of experience as a psychotherapist and has extensive experience supporting the integration of plant medicine and psychedelic experiences. Robbie helps people to make sense of and act upon the insights offered through psychedelic experiences to enable deep learning, healing and growth in life. Robbie holds a 4th degree blackbelt in Karate and spends much of his spare time playing the guitar and writing his own music.


  • Cancellation policy less than 24 hour notice full fee payable unless rebooked and attend within 7 days of cancellation

Dr Jamie Rickcord


Dr Jamie has practised medicine since graduating from Imperial College, London in 2006 and for the last 8 years has worked as a GP in the Northern Rivers of NSW. He is the founder of Ananda Clinics in Byron Bay – one of Australia’s first to be dedicated to plant medicine. Jamie is an experienced prescriber of medicinal cannabis and is studying a masters in trauma informed psychotherapy. He is totally committed to the birth of a new paradigm in mainstream society where plant medicines are accepted as the remarkable gifts from nature that they are.

His interests are in healing trauma, the expansion of human potential. In his spare time Jamie surfs, plays his guitars and spends the rest of his time with his 3 year old son.


  • Medicinal Cannabis consultation (no rebate)
  • Mental Health Care Plans & Mental Health Consults. $150
  • Time of consult varies. Rebates apply. Some services are bulk billed for concession card holders

Ella Shannon

​Ella Shannon is an Accredited Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor with a passion for helping people move through life with a sense of lightness and joy. For the past 10 years Ella has worked in various roles such as Mental Health Coach, Addiction Counsellor, Relationship Counsellor, Trauma Therapist and currently manages a counselling service that supports victim / survivors of sexual violence.

Ella has a passion for supporting people from all walks of life and sexual orientations to have healthy happy relationships, and is currently completing her Masters in Sexology through Curtin University. She has also studied and taught Yoga, Meditation, Tantra and the Transpersonal for over 20 years and has a strong daily practice using a culmination of these practices.

Through her travels overseas, Ella has witnessed and experienced the enormous transformations available to people through the use of ceremonial plant medicines and has a deep respect for this incredible healing paradigm. In working with clients in a counselling capacity, Ella draws upon many aspects of her training and experience. Modalities used may include Emotionally Focused Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Transpersonal Counselling, Emotional Freedom Technique, Narrative therapy and Mindfulness based approaches. Ella is based in Cairns, Far North Queensland.


  • In person sessions are available out of business hours.
  • Sessions are $110
  • Sessions can be rescheduled if 24hrs in advance but are not refundable.
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