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$1m Kicked into campaign for magic mushroom therapy

The Sydney Morning Herald, February 9, 2019

PRISM and St Vincents psilocybin trial for the terminally ill supported by Mind Medicine Australia and The Vasudhara Foundation

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Microdoses of LSD change how you perceive time.

Scotty Handricks, February 12, 2019

Israel approves compassionate use of MDMA to treat PTSD

Science & Health -, February 11, 2019 (registration required)

Denver could become the first US city to decriminalize magic mushrooms

By Mallory Hughes and Jacqueline Howard, CNN. Updated 2102 GMT (0502 HKT) January 9, 2019

Johns Hopkins and NYU studies in psilocybin as a treatment for cancer-related psychological distress. ​

News outlets included CNNNew York Times, NewsweekPBS NewshourScienceScientific AmericanThe AtlanticThe GuardianTimeand USA Todayamong others.
Two clinical studies (released Dec. 1, 2016) examining the effect of psilocybin on symptoms of depression and anxiety in people with life-threatening cancer were released and covered by a number of media.

“The fascinating, strange medical potential of psychedelic drugs, explained in 50+ studies"

Vox June 27, 2016
Show Me the Evidence staff examines more than 50 studies analyzing the safety and efficacy of psychedelic drugs and psychedelic-assisted therapy and interviews researchers involved in the work. Vox, 2016

"Magic-mushroom drug lifts depression in first human trial"

Zoe Cormier, Nature, May 17, 2016
Imperial College study provides preliminary support for the safety and efficacy of psilocybin as a therapy for treatment-resistant depression. Nature, 2016

“Psilocybin can reduce the pain of social exclusion”

Douglas Main, Newsweek, April 19, 2016
Researchers at the University of Zurich show that a small amount of psilocybin can reduce the distress caused by mild social exclusion and lessens activity in the area of the brain associated with this emotion. Newsweek, 2016

“Novel psychopharmacological therapies for psychiatric disorders: psilocybin and MDMA”

The Lancet Psychiatry, April 5, 2016
Drug-assisted psychotherapy as a possible alternative to existing pharmacological and psychological treatments. (Free registration required)

“Professor Probes Psychedelic Drugs for a Cure to Nicotine Addiction”

Washingtonian, January 7, 2014
Recent John’s Hopkins study on effecting addictive behaviour with psychedelics. Washingtonian, 2014

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