Learn Overview

Awareness: Mental Health Facts

An overview of the current state of mental health in Australia.

What is Psychedelic Therapy?

An introduction to Psychedelic Therapy: the process, the experience, the evidence and what is still to be researched.

Curiosity: Recommended Reading

Be inspired by the power of a changed perspective through browsing our curated list of the most accurate and well written articles on psychedelic medicines from around the web.

Perspective: Literature Review

This review article by our Scientific Officer, Dr Martin Williams of Monash University, is for those who ready to delve deep and learn about the scope of psychedelic science today.

Knowledge: Journal and Talks

Leading journal articles from research around the world. A compilation of articles representing some of the most compelling research conducted with psychedelic medicines.

Understanding: Videos and Talks

Listen to these pioneering discussions to hear more about the potential of psychedelic medicines.

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