Mind Medicine Australia is a registered charity (with DGR-1 status) acting as the central node for the promotion of regulatory-approved and research-backed psychedelic medicines to assist with the treatment of mental health in Australia. 

We support innovation in the treatment of mental health and in the promotion of psychological wellbeing through the development of regulatory approved psychedelic medicines. We will do this by acting as a nexus between academia, government, medical practitioners, technology, philanthropy and culture.



Mind Medicine Australia acts as a nexus between academia, clinicians, regulators and culture. We facilitate research with our sister organisation Psychedelic Research in Science and Medicine (PRISM) and other research partners.


By developing relationships between government, academic institutions, interest groups and regulatory bodies, Mind Medicine Australia aims to facilitate evidence-based change.

Education & Events

Mind Medicine Australia creates educational content on the topic of mental health and the potential of psychedelic medicines. We showcase the latest innovations in the treatment of mental health at our live events, online and at our future conference.


Mind Medicine Australia will act as the interface between research and practice by translating clinical research into accredited therapist training protocols.

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